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Stop guessing and use the true science of Weight Loss!

What if the amount of food you put in your mouth could be tracked, calculated, and make your weight loss the easiest no-brainer you've done all year? No, this is no 'magic pill' advertisement or 4-easy-payments exercise equipment commercial. We're talking about math.

If you want to take the guess work out and know exactly how to shred fat, then it is best to get in the habit of counting your calorie intake, and also tracking your macronutrient intake as well.

If you want to roll the dice and play the guessing game then that’s up to you.

However, bear in mind that you wouldn't expect to bake the perfect cake by guessing the required amounts of flour, sugar & butter in the recipe.

You also wouldn't expect that cake to rise appropriately if you set the temperature of the oven at random and changed it intermittently whilst cooking; nor would you expect your cakes to taste similar from one bake to the next should you repeat the steps above.

Nutrition is no different.

If you're constantly consuming different amounts of protein, carbs, fats & calories from day to day, the progress you make & your physique development will be reflective of the disastrous/inconsistent baking methods that were just mentioned.

Don't leave your goal of getting shredded to chance!

If you don't account for the nutrition and the caloric content in the food you're eating, then you're at best guessing the ingredients to the perfect cake recipe... or in this case, the ingredients to your perfect body.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

Not to worry though! The 12 Week Shred Program will cover:

✔ The science behind losing body-fat
✔ How to devise your own precise carb-cycling diet
✔ How to enjoy foods you love AND shred body-fat by utilizing “Flexible Dieting”
✔ How many calories and macronutrients you need per day
✔ How you can manipulate your food intake and training regimen to lose fat and keep it off for good

When trying to lose fat, a calorie deficit is exactly the scenario we want to create as fat tissue will start to be burned as fuel - a process called fatty-acid oxidation. Ideally, a sound diet and training regimen will incorporate both exercise and caloric restriction, and that is precisely what this 12 Week Shred Program employs.