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Men's 12 Week Shred Transformation Pack

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Excel Spreadsheets (Need to be downloaded on computer)

Macronutrient Calculator [Imperial Units: feet / pounds]

Macronutrient Calculator [Metric Units: cm / kgs]

MyFitnessPal Tutorial - How To Track & Log Your Macros [Video]

This video is a must watch! It will help you learn how to easily track your macros using the Free app MyFitnessPal.

Page 37 of the 12 Week Shred Guide will also show you how to set up MyFitnessPal once you have calculated your Fat Loss macros in the Excel Sheets

Weight Loss Log

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Top 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions

1.) I have noticed that the workouts become more challenging as I go from Phase 1 to 2 and then eventually Phase 3. Although if I want to increase the intensity of the workouts what changes can I make?

Okay this is an easy fix. Simply increase the amount of sets for all exercises by 1 and decrease rest between sets by 50%.
Note: To challenge yourself even more add in 1 extra HIIT session per week too.

2.) What weight should I use for each exercise?

This will have to be a little bit of trial and error. The goal here is to experiment with different weights and find the right amount where you can hit the recommended rep range for each specific exercise. It is also helpful to record each weight for each different exercise as well.

3.) When should I increase the weight?

If you are hitting your recommended rep ranges pretty easily then you know that it is a good time to increase the weight. Try to increase the weight by increments of 5%. A simple formula for that would be to calculate your current weight x 1.05.

4.) How important is consistency in this program?

It is the most important element of this program! A well-designed training & nutrition plan followed consistently will maximize results. Just remember that the difference between wanting and achieving is discipline.

Your journey starts here! Best of luck!
Simplyshredded Team